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Song History

Artist Song Title Album
Zombie Girl I Want It Back From The Dead
Siva Six Awayk Rise New Flesh
SITD Catharsis (Heal Me, Control Me) Unknown
Tactical Sekt Beslan Unknown
Centhron Troops Of Deride Unknown
Ayria Cutting Flicker
Genetic Selection Revenge Orbital Ground Attack
The Enders The Beauty Unknown
Decoded Feedback Shockwave Shockwave
JapaneseCARCRASH Silent Tears Unknown
Holocaust 427 Life Goes On Unknown
Lights Of Euphoria Lost And Found Voices
[-SITD-] Direction-north Unknown
Solitary Experiments Downfall Mind Over Matter
XoToX Verlust (Remix By Phil J) In Den Zehn Morgen
Panzer AG Battlefield This Is My Battlefield
EXcubitors Vergeltung Operation Observation
Terminal Choice Bad Trippin √úbermacht
Distorted Reality Never Change (Remix By Dust Of Basement) Unknown
Dark Illumination Brain Division Unknown : Contact me